Sunday, February 20, 2011

Orlando Welcomes Me Back

Well, it's official...I got approved and I'll be moving my stuff in this weekend. I am leaving Lake Mary and moving to Orlando.

Woo hoo!

I'm at work right now (in Fern Park) and as the train whistle blows in the background, it reminds me of the Lake Mary house with the nearby train tracks. In my new home, I'll be substituting the wail of trains for the roar of airplanes. That's right, Orlando International Airport is just a couple miles from the new place.

So get this, my new rent is $449/month and I signed a lease renewal starting in August which extends me there another year at only a modest increase to $499/month! How sick is that!

As I mentioned in the previous post the place is still a studio so it is small but it's twice the square footage of the Lake Mary house. And it looks great. The grounds are beautifully landscaped and impeccably maintained, the exteriors of the building are in nice contemporary colors and the inside is spotless. All for this low price.

I'm still pinching myself and there's a little bit of a knot in my stomach wondering what the catch is. Hoping there is none, of course. I can't express enough how grateful I am to the winds of fate to have smiled upon me (yes Mrs. Morin, yet another mixed metaphor).

Now having driven it, the travel time and distance to work is actually a bit more than it was from Lake Mary, but at these prices and with these amenities, I think I'll refrain from too much complaining.

Farewell Lake Mary. Ya done me good these past few years, but my feet were itchin'.

Goodbye little house on the lake...

May the ants and mice not reduce you to rubble too soon!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Escape From Lake Mary, Part 3

I'll being checking out an apartment later this morning (re: MY late night) and if it turns out okay, I may be completely moved by the end of my weekend (Tuesday).

I know, you're probably saying to yourself: "How can he be trying to get into an apartment again after 2 recent rejections?" Well, it would be a lease takeover instead of a brand new 12 month lease and, what's more, it's at a complex run by a management company that seems to target the "disenfranchised" consumer. Plus it's only another $20 application fee. If it turns out that they too reject me, at least it isn't gonna cost me that much.

The rent would be sickeningly low and from the photos the guy posted on Craigslist (What!? Another Craigslist ad? Yeah, I know.) it looks fairly decent. Another small place though, 440 sq. ft. studio. But it has a patio and a full kitchen. Worse comes to worse, my takeover means the lease would be up in just 6 months so if it sucks there, I'll be moving again in August.

It all hinges, yet again, on the background check the complex will do. For this place, I'm betting they'd work with me on that 7 year old debt. Maybe I'll do what I did when I wanted to get into Park Central back in 2000. I basically went to the apartment complex that was on my record back then (Lakeside South) and wrote up an agreement to pay them back $50 a month. After the folks at Park Central received that letter, they were satisfied, approved me, and I promptly neglected to pay a dime on that agreement to Lakeside South. They never pursued it (probably figuring the effort would be futile...and they would have been right) and after a couple more years they eventually dropped off my record.

I keep saying "my record" like my "permanent record" we're all warned about in school. But of course I'm referring to my credit report. As I said before though, I think the apartment management companies go a step beyond the credit reports of prospective tenants, they likely have that all knowing "Black List". I bet you dollars to donuts. (Why do people say that? "Dollars to donuts? What does that mean?)

No biggie if I'm declined this time round, yet again. I'll be okay staying in Lake Mary. But I would save a lot by moving to this new place. Plus, I am in desperate need of change. This new place would be in the Conway neighborhood of Orlando. Not too far from work but not as close as the other prospects I was targeting either. Like Reflections, it's on 436, but a few miles more south. It's quite far (about 25 miles) from Lake Mary so if I move there, It would be very odd indeed if I ran into people I know in Lake Mary. Like Ric, of course.

I know I haven't talked about him much lately. Frankly, it's because I'm not really talking much to him. He's on retainer during this potential move time to stand in as my fictional landlord that I've lived with for the past six years. Or so I'm telling these companies. I can't have them speaking to my real landlord since I'm over 3 months late with rent. That might be, er, awkward.

If I do end up staying, it's one of the big bills I'm looking at getting caught up on, but I will pay him back eventually. It'll just take a few more months.

BTW, I'm on the laptop and I'm at work right now. I spend about as much time just playing computer games or leisurely browsing the Internet as I did at Symantec, except here it's allowed and I don't have to use any deceptive means like I did back there.

Oh yes, I love my job! It's practically a dream come true!

So it's no wonder why I feel confident about a move right now. And why I want to be closer to work. I plan on sticking around here for a while. Last time I had a job like this, I cleaned up my act, stopped drinking, lost weight, got fit, maintained a nice apartment and felt at ease and more centered. And I stayed with the job for 5 years...the longest ever in one job!

Hope springs could happen again.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Escape From Lake Mary, Part 2

"Don't even fucking THINK about touching my fucking dolls!"
Oh Brother...

I've been kicked in the ass once again by my bad history.

The Black List I mentioned before may actually be only as pertinent as the stuff undissolved by the Magic Seven Years of Time like the other shit on one's credit report, but I still got one douche bag demerit that is still alive. My broken lease at Cypress Springs, aka La Casa Coucharacha, back in the summer of '04 is just shy of the 7 year mark.

And it's what snagged me.

So my application at the Altamonte place was denied and I'm back to square one.

I'm left with two choices. Either find another private party rental agreement where they don't care about old housing debts or stay here. Well, actually there is a 3rd choice: Pay what I owe to the former landlord and clear my record. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Er, that ain't gonna happen!

When I consider what I really want to spend and the relative comfort of familiarity, staying here may be a good option after all.

So like several months ago, I'm at a road I find too scary to travel and want to turn back. The negative aspects of a familiar situation seem far better than the potentially worse negatives of an unfamiliar one.

What a pessimist I've become. Where's my sense of adventure?

Part 2 will probably evolve into Part 3 since I really am totally undecided as to which path I'll take.

I can only hope that whatever I decide, it turns out favorable in the long run. I can't deal with the constant stress of another failure.

I just can't.

(BTW: The header photo has nothing to do with the subject matter really. It came up when I searched "greed" in Google Images looking for something to represent the greed of the apartment complex companies. I liked this picture so much though, so here it is. ;)

(Addendum: Actually, to be honest, the little girl in the picture is a great representation of my feelings right now. I'm trying to ardently hold onto what's mine. Even if it is only 3 ugly old dolls. They're mine dammit! Let me be! I need them!)

Monday, February 14, 2011


Real posts on Orlando area Craigslist offering stuff for free. Just come n' get it!

Here's one that could be titled: Come Get This Shit Ottta Here!

Free horse manure! As much as you can take! We have an aged pile of manure which is great for your garden.
No emails please. Call or text Lin (407) 294-4890

Maybe, like me, this poster thinks the whole diabetes thing is somewhat of a scam?

i have a blood glucose meter i havent used in about a year if you can use it you can have it. call me 407-383-1311

When only the best (or so she thinks) is good enough for your sweetie!
Free: last minute Valentines Day item (East Orlando, Chuluota)

Date: 2011-02-13, 4:36PM EST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Large red heart pillow; no tears, stains, or anything. One year old, put away after a month. No pets, smoke or kids in the house.
Located off of Chuluota & East Colonial Rd.

But then, there's those with a heart...


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Escape From Lake Mary, Part 1

I've decided that I will be moving from Lake Mary after all.

When it's all said and done, I'll be much better off in both the short and long term.

It means breaking a few promises but to be fair the person to whom I made promises started the ol' promise breaking game first.

I'm looking at possibly Altamonte Springs (again). Much closer to work, and happily, closer to Orlando. Living out in the boonies of Lake Mary so far from the Orlando area attractions and activities, I feel even more isolated than I purposely keep myself.

Last week, I dared to apply at Reflections, the apartment complex in Casselberry I lived at in 2003, both in my own apartment and later with Ric. I thought since its been almost 8 years I might not be on file. Oh, I was. They politely showed me the door once they saw I was on their books as owing them $1,300. They even handed me back my application fee since they found my status before they had attempted a credit check or the dreaded Rental Black List (which BTW seems to be immune to the restraints of the Fair Credit consumer protection laws) all the apartment complex companies share. I still don't know if I'm still on that one. Guess I'll find out in the next day or two as I apply to some other places.

If it turns out I'm still persona non-grata to the Capitalist Pig Commercial Renters Bloc, I guess I'll have to search out private parties. Like the Winter Park condo deal that I aborted last August, it should be relatively easy. Especially as I think there are about twice as many ads now as there were then on just Craigslist alone.

It pains me about the Reflections situation though since the prices there are still fantastic for the location of the community and layout of the complex and the apartments themselves. The updated exterior and interior remodeling is beautiful as well. Yet again I wish I had done things differently back in the throes of Koyaanisqatsi since those decisions haunt me to this day, and will continue to do so for perhaps ever. Maybe for the best after all many memories of Gary.

My overall plan is to find someplace close to work, small enough to be energy efficient and easy to furnish and relatively cheap. Even if it has qualities I don't love, I hope to have saved up in a year or so for other options, perhaps buying a condo. The market is still so low I would expect prices to stay down for at least another year. Or so I wish so that I can take advantage of this opportunity.

So far I've recently lucked out on a job I can finally live with, now I've got to find a home I can live that newly found life in.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

My First Minecraft City

Welcome to New Phanxmetia, Capital of Greater Aurumn.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

A Wonderful Respite

As much as my last job felt like "Such A Terrible Despite", my new one feels like just the opposite. I can't say anything really bad about this place. It's everything I had hoped for, if not more.

Being a psych facility, I thought they might have posted an ad for new employees that would have doomed the prospects into a castaway position no one wanted like manning the crisis ward fending off the bad asses and violent sickos but it's not like that at all.

I work the overnight shift, but that's to my preference really as I gravitate to that sleep pattern when not employed and it was the schedule I had back in the mid-nineties when I made so many strides forward in my life.

Behavioral issues are actually rare. Most residents are quite docile if not semi-catatonic. After seeing the multitude of pills they take each day, it's no wonder.

Co-workers seem to fear the bosses a bit much for my tastes but I think it's due to the high turn over here. And by turn over I mean fire rate. Yeah, they seem to prefer to cut loose lackluster employees readily. Well, in this economy, what employer doesn't. I don't fret it since I know what's expected, I feel I've been given the tools to perform it and am glad to do so. How often could I say that about all my recent call center jobs, huh?

Pay is quite good, not only for this field but for this state. Low starting salary was the main reason I chose not to continue my human services career once I came to Florida in the first place. I didn't know about this facility or others like it.

So I'm on a beautiful pink cloud about my work right now. Hopefully this good feeling, and this job, will last.