Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Casey Anthony Shows Fury In Court

Here's a still from video shot of Casey Anthony during her trial last Friday. Though she's blocked somewhat by the image of her lead attorney's head in the foreground, you can clearly see that for just a second or two, we see Casey's temper flare up.

Things I Learned From The Casey Anthony Trial

1. Coyotes could bury bones...if they existed in Central Florida
2. All courtroom deputies are fat
3. Casey's vagina never met a penis it didn't like
4. Sequestered juries sure like their "special" breaks
5. Juries can never hear the term "gas chromatograph mass spectrometer" enough
6. According to the judge, the following words exist: expecially, pacificly, and fustrated
7. Jose Baez is a bumbling idiot
8. Jeff Ashton is a sniveling baby
9. Little Caylee was screwed the second she was born into this fucked up family
10. Lethal fluids will one day flow into the veins of Miss Casey Marie Anthony, the countdown has begun

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Dr. Negligent, Dr. Mengele And The Old Doctor And His Skull

Three medical professionals provide the theme of my week thus far...

Dr. Negligent (my primary care physician):

For over a week now I've been caught up in a renewed vigor towards living healthier. Yup, I know, been there done that many times in the past few years especially, only to fall back into my evil and decadent ways.

But this time, I may have found the best motivator of bad habits can literally kill me. Um, yeah, well I know that's not exactly Earth-shattering news. Of course I knew that by eating and drinking out-of-control I was killing myself slowly but surely, but I recently found out that due to at least one of my medications I take each day, that "slowly" part may be a lot quicker than I thought.

It turns out that diabetics who are on Metformin and continue to drink alcohol "heavily" (ie: more than 2-3 drinks a day) are at risk to develop lactic acidosis. And of those that do contract this disease, 50% of them die. Quickly and certainly. Dead as a doornail. Their blood becomes so acidic it literally attacks their organs 'till they are dead. Dead, dead, dead!

I found this medical fact plastered on every site I could find. Man, how did my doctor neglect to inform me of this risk? I admitted my drinking habits to her. I had to find this out by sheer chance. Thankfully not through personal experience!

Well, good news of it is it may have been the key to keeping me away from the shit and getting my mind focused on getting fit again. 'Bout freakin' time!

Dr. Mengele (the neurologist)

Unrelated to the above, I was referred to a neurologist for "nerve conductivity studies" on my legs since I reported to my PCP that I felt numbness, especially in my left leg at times.

I'd already underwent ultrasound examination of my legs a couple weeks ago and on Thursday I went to see this specialist for the conductivity tests. Thinking it'd be like the ultrasound, painless and quick, I thought nothing much of it. But when I got up on the exam table and the doctor and his assistant brought in their cart I had a feeling there'd be a bit more to it.

This guy had the bedside manner of a robot and when he matter-of-factly told me that'd there'd be some "discomfort" and I would feel "electricity" I started sweating. Oh he wasn't kidding, these were quite strong jolts! It was discomfort akin to a low-speed dental drill. In other words, it was actually pain! And then after what seemed like an eternity zapping me with what was effectively a taser he went to "The Needles"!

Pricking and jamming them all over my legs, thigh and lower back! OMG! This was fucking torture! Then he had the (pardon the pun) nerve to ask if I was having problems in my private areas. Oh no Dr. Mengele, you are not coming near my junk with your cattle prod and hatpins, you sick freak!

The Old Doctor and his Skull (today's witness for the defense in the trial):

Oh the defense put a very feisty senior citizen on the witness stand today. Sounding like Henry Kissinger and looking like the confused old man in "Up", Dr. Werner Spitz practically called the Orange County medical examiner incompetent stating no pathologist could have been able to determine definitively that Caylee (who he kept mistakenly referred to as Casey) was a victim of homicide from the evidence that he examined.

But then he started talking about a kooky idea that someone may have put the duct tape on the decomposed and skeletonized remains in order to hold the jaw bone in place and he kept forgetting all the TV interviews he'd done on this case and holes were poking through his testimony a tad.

Gotta hand it to the ol' sawbones, he held his own in defense of his assertions that the skull should have been cut opened during the county autopsy if it had been done properly. He even brought in a real skull (not Caylee's of course) to demonstrate for all to see.

Oh the theater!  Now we have props!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

They Should Offer Express Pass

Remember when coming to Orlando meant you'd expect to have long waits while in line for fun theme park attractions? Well now, it seems the hottest attraction people are literally clamoring to be in is none other than the Casey Anthony murder trial.

Folks from all over, even overseas visitors, are lining up sometimes up to 10 hours in advance to be one of only 50 or so let in to the courtroom. It's causing quite the raucous in our fair city in the wee hours of the morning.

When the trial began, if you remember, I contemplated hopping in line for a few hours in order to attend, but now that the average successful attendee has to wait literally all night long, I would't be caught dead wasting my valuable time. Our local News 13 is broadcasting the whole thing live and I can feel a part of it just as well from the comfort of my home.

Take a look at the idiots in this video.

You think they'd rather be waiting to ride one of our great roller-coasters or getting relief from the heat on a water ride. Huh, go figure.

Maybe we should re-brand the courthouse and call it Universal Studios Law-Frontation! or maybe Disney's Trial of Terror?

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Night Shift Soap Opera

The drama continues at work...

When last we left off:

My boss wanted me to present my co-worker Mike with his phone charger she'd leave for me. Then she'd come in at 11:15 and fire him.

Well, as it happens, she thankfully did the deed earlier in the day since when I arrived there was no charger, there was no Mike and she didn't show up. So I worked with the new girl and not much more was said about it. The Junta had already spread the word so even the morning staff knew what went down. It's just me who, as usual, is the last to know.

Well, in that vein of being totally left in the dark until after it's all said and done, my phone rings around 5:30 pm on Tuesday and I see the Caller ID; it's work. They must need me to come in early but since I'm not wanting to, I choose to just shut the ringer on the phone and not answer it. With no voicemail on my phone, it just blinks silently as I snuggle back into bed to continue my sleep.

When I wake up around 8:30 pm, I see I have an email from my boss. I read it and I'm totally confused. It says that she wanted me to come in early to do evening meds (a common enough request as we're low on staff recently so this didn't cause any concern). A follow up email indicates that she found someone to fill in. Good, I thought since I hadn't wanted to come in early. Still no problem there. The part that wigs me out is when she says that June (my other co-worker on the night shift) is not resigning but she won't be in until tomorrow and she (Susan, my boss) has had to rearrange the schedule across several shifts to compensate.

Huh?! What's this about June "not resigning"? June had nothing to do with Mike getting fired, why would I think she'd be quitting?

When I got in I found out that for what appears to be an unrelated "family emergency", June did, in fact, resign on Monday, only to be convinced not to by Susan.

Supposedly, June's sister has had a major medical emergency requiring her to be hospitalized leaving no one to care for her 6-year old son. June, being the only other relative living in Florida felt obligated to now take up the responsibility of taking in her young nephew while her sister was in the hospital, which, according to June may be for an indefinite amount of time. June didn't say what illness has befallen her sister but from her actions it appears it's quite grave. June thought the company would not be able to tolerate the many absences June would need to take in order to care for her nephew so she called in to quit her job.

But after Susan talked with June and assured her that the company would try to work with her in order to save her position, June was able to then reach out to her estranged mother who she hadn't been in contact with in eight years and arrange for a transfer of the child to New York to be cared for by her mother, the boy's grandmother. So now, free from having to take in the child, June agreed to keep her job.


It's too early yet for me to tell if others are really buying this story but c'mon, be real, does this sound even somewhat plausible? And isn't this all so oddly coincidental with Mike's firing?

Here's what I think, but it's only my active imagination and suspicions based on very circumstantial evidence...

I think they must have been doing drugs during the nights they worked together.

What!? Huh?!! Also a very wildly dramatic scenario, yes, I know, but I think it's entirely more believable and I have little clues that point towards this conclusion:

1. June has always been a bit weird. I know that's not a basis for anything but her weirdness seems very suspiciously like the behavior I witnessed out of Ric back in 1999 when, he later admitted, he'd been doing crack cocaine. June has some of the same mannerisms.

2. June and Mike, when I would work with them, would take trips out to their car for up to half an hour sometimes. What were they doing in their car in the middle of the night? They both would also be sure to park their cars off-property in the nearby machine shop business' parking lot. (In fact, June, as I type this at about 1:50 am, has been there for almost an hour now.)

3. When Mike, a known hot head, got fired, he texted nasty comments to June on her personal cell phone using all manner of vial profanity. Perhaps he said he'd expose her out of spite?

4. When Susan and the CEO encouraged June to press charges against Mike about the threatening texts, June refused to.

These are just some of the things that come to mind. They may or may not indicate my version is true, but they don't discount it any. And frankly, I just can't buy the whole "family emergency" story at all.

So we just go on and make like nothing much has changed. I'm sure the grapevine here is all a-buzz with various theories. Mine is my own. I'm not sharing it with anyone.

Except you, of course. So don't tell anyone. Just be prepared for more surprising drama from this night-time soap opera I call my job.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The Furious Canadian

Ok, so I have to admit it. I though I was literally going crazy.

Not really that ironic if you consider the facts: I have MANY symptoms of craziness as well as the fact I work in a facility for the mentally ill. One can look at this circumstantial evidence and conclude the same diagnosis: Bonkers!

Here's why I think I was coming "undone":

Every night and morning when I make my way back and forth from home and work, I pass by this storefront in an otherwise un-noteworthy small shopping strip plaza in Casselberry. (Or is it Winter Park? Not sure, it's right on the town line in any event.)

I'm traveling an average of 45 to 50 MPH on a bustling six-lane stretch of road, one of the busiest here in greater Orlando as I pass this place so it's hard to get more than a glimpse of it.

But it caught my eye one night because it looked like it might be a restaurant featuring French Canadian cuisine. It clearly had what I thought was a sign with two Canadian flags prominently displayed. I couldn't make out the wording on the sign except for the first word "La". This confirmed my suspicion it was a French Canadian restaurant. A French Canadian restaurant would definitely be unique. The only other one I can think of in the area would be "Le Cellier" at the Canada pavilion at Epcot.

For the next few weeks, it became a strange frustration to be driving near the storefront, remembering to look and read the name of it only to immediately forget to. As soon as I passed out of view of it, I'd remember I wanted to look and was amazed I'd forgotten to.

I eventually forced myself to keep it in mind as I got near, slowed down and really looked at the sign to try to read it. That's when it became even funnier. Convinced it must be written in French, I became only more and more confused as each day I was able to make ot a bit more of the wordage: "La Furias", I first thought. Bablefished it, but for the French to English translation it gave me only "la furias". In other words, Bablefish confirmed it wasn't French. Later, I found out it was actually "La furia". I tried Spanish to English. It translates as "The Fury". Huh? What the...!

So figuring out it was Spanish, and showing Canadian flags, and saying something like "The Fury" really made my head spin. Now it became imperative to read the rest so I could figure all this out. But again I started blanking out as I passed it each night, kicked myself metaphorically and promised to check it out as I passed in the daylight on my way back home. But I was on the other side of the rather wide road in the morning and traffic was decidedly more dicey so it's not unexpected that I'd tend to forget to crane my neck to peer at the sign.

Of course I thought of just pulling into the place to fully check it out to satisfy my curiosity but I time my commute to work precisely and I don't budget for much in the way of deviation from the direct path. And by morning, well, I'm too focused on navigating the busier traffic swiftly and getting my tired ass home.

In the past few days I made strives in my goal to understand it all. I was able to memorize the full top line after reading it at least four or five times: "La Furia Chalaca". But this translated as "The Chalaca Fury". Hurumph!

Finally today I decided to Google it and I found out it's a commonly used phrase serving as the name of several Peruvian restaurants across the country. I guess it refers to a Peruvian treat of some kind. I don't know why Babelfish couldn't figure this out.

And the "Canadian" flags? Well, I guess at 50 MPH glancing at a somewhat small sign, one could make this mistake. Look, they kinda look the same, eh?


Well I'm glad to find out that I guess I'm not going crazy after all.

As Emily Litella would say:


Friday, June 03, 2011

The Junta Asserts Their Power

I've neglected doing a proper introduction to any of my coworkers yet even though I've been working at this job over four months now. That is coming soon, I promise. And yes, of course, it'll be the traditional roast.

But stuff going down later tonight necessitates a quick little run-down of the dynamics of this place.

Most of my call center jobs of the past have all been primarily an "every man for himself" kinda atmosphere. Turnover seemed to be too rapid for solid cliques to develop. Well, with a few noteworthy exceptions (like the iCare fiasco).

Well here, at the mental health facility, even though I have so far witnessed quite a staff transition and some dramatic exits, there's definitely a trend for folks to pool together in what amounts to different factions.

Like any job, there's Management and their mentality. In larger companies it can vary greatly between one manager to the next as to what exactly defines their "mentality" but here it is a party of only 4 people, so it's solidly by the book and towing the company line. Well, actually, I should say towing the CEO's line. She is most assuredly the head kahuna and everyone knows it. Her word is law and no one defies it. To her face that is.

Non-management here have people in various positions, some with more responsibility and tenure, thus assumably a greater voice and more leeway, right? Not necessarily. Staff with many years of experience and holding a great degree of education in their field have either been outright fired or pressured to leave. There seem to be no sacred cows here. Except the CEO. All Hail the CEO!

Us direct care staff are best divided into two camps. Those in the Junta and those not. And woe to those not. They appear vulnerable to becoming any Junta member's fodder for what ever cannonballs may be hurled their way.

The Junta is decidedly not pro-management, but they make themselves out to be in the eyes of those that peer out at the masses. Well, just one set of eyes really. Yup, you guessed it...the CEO's. And though they proclaim to be against the gossip mill, against stool pigeonry, against deceit, cover-up and corruption, they are the biggest propagator of all of these behaviors.

As you probably can tell, I'm not in the Junta.

I came close to calling them out early on here, but held back. I bided my time and decided to call a truce with them. I proved to them I could keep my mouth shut and conduct a Sargent Shultz attitude. It's probably by virtue of this move I'm still here.

But my little sidekick Mike is to be their first major victim during my time here. And he only started working here a couple months ago.

Cocksure, opinionated, aloof and silver-tongued, he reminds me so much of myself at his age. Ah, the early 20s. But this demeanor does not play well to the Junta. The Junta demands deference and blind adherence. The Junta shuns anyone who could become a threat to their own false sense of security. For they live in spite and sometimes outward contempt, but ultimately in constant fear and dread of the wrath of the Almighty CEO.

Little Mike will be fired tonight and I, unfortunately, have to bear witness to the sneak attack. He's a bit of a hot head though and I fear there may be potential for some fireworks.

Like the Casey Anthony trial I watch diligently every day, this makes for high drama. But this scene is playing out too close to home. I can only wonder if the Junta ultimately has cross-hairs pinned on me as well.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Crazy Casey's Carnival Of Kooks

The Creator of the Casey Chloroform Sculpture

Well today's testimony shows us now where the defense is trying to point the spotlight: on the oft-mentioned "fantasy world" Casey supposedly created for herself as a result of the allegedly accidental death of her baby daughter back in '08.

Baez, when cross-examining the lead detective who brought Casey right up to her fake place of employment, even said: "If Casey had said that Zanny was sitting in a nearby [empty] chair, what would you have thought of her state of mind?" Of course, this question was immediately objected to by the State's attorney and sustained by the judge.

The prosecution wants to paint a picture for the jury of a young woman who is sociopathic and has a talent for concocting elaborate lies but is reluctant to go down the "loony-tunes" path. They don't want her to get off on some insanity plea.

The defense hasn't come out and said it would be attempting to go that route (an insanity decision) but they sure are building up the incredibly odd character of Casey and her bizarre behavior.

I expect as the trial goes on, especially once the defense starts to flesh out the whole accidental drowning story and Casey's cover-up due to her supposed years of sexual abuse and its affect on her subsequent sense of reality, we'll be seeing more and more their portrayal of a troubled psyche if not all-out mentally ill person. Today's questioning by Baez seemed to suggest they may bring up schizophrenia or illnesses like it.

In this spirit, this starts a new series of posts focusing on what I feel are the most bizarre and "out there" aspects of this whole affair. You know, basically "Charlie Sheen" it up.

Here's something that goes back a couple of years but still has as much relevance to the current trial proceedings since the prosecution mentioned in their opening statement that they will show evidence pointing to Casey's use of chloroform. And if they are successful in convincing the jury that she used it at all, it's probably going to be the closest we'll ever come to a smoking gun.

After all, imaginary people and elaborate lies don't kill children but chloroform and duct tape can.

Apparently the rather twisted individual who created this "artwork" agrees but has no problem proclaiming their admiration for Casey's murderous deed.

I personally suspect the sculpture was originally made as a benign model of a molecule someone was studying for a science project since the Casey reference is only in the form of a piece of stuck on duct tape with a heart sticker and handwriting. Still a sick thing to put up for sale though.

Welcome, Kook, to the carnival!

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bye Bye Boom Booms

Early this morning as I was in my kitchen grabbing a bite to eat, I heard two distinct bangs coming from somewhere outside, loud enough to rattle my sliding glass patio doors. It took me a second or two to identify the cause. Of course it was none other than the sonic boom created as the Space Shuttle Endeavor passed high over Orlando on it's landing approach to Kennedy Space Center. This was one of the last times we Floridians would hear and feel our familiar booms. Atlantis, set for a July launch date will definitely be the last, if it lands here at the Cape. Especially in mid-summer what with our persistent weather issues during that season the chance is high the shuttle may be diverted to a California landing. If that's the case, then what I heard this morning would be the last.

I was feeling lonely Monday so I contacted Ric. He too is alone now that Joe and Zach are out. I picked him up at his house and we drove all the way back here so he could see my new apartment. We walked over to Clicks, had a few beers and, within an hour or so, got into an argument. He slept over on the air bed in the living room area. I brought him back to his place in Lake Mary by noon and didn't make any concrete plans to get together again. Now he has my home phone number but I don't think I'll take any calls from him. I'm not sure he'll even call, to tell you the truth. Frankly, I think were both finally over each other.

Well my obsession, none other than the Casey Anthony trial is about ready to start for today. Every minute of the trial is broadcast on our local cable company's dedicated news channel and if I can, I try to watch every juicy second. Since I'm still on vacation 'till tomorrow, I'm lovin' being an at-home amateur judge and jury. So far, I, like most I think, believe she's guilty. I don't think there was any accidental drowning. And the level of cover-ups and lies is astounding. But I can't believe that Casey's parents and brother are totally innocent either. There's definitely something odd there. Maybe not quite so far as the abuse the defense proports but something weird nonetheless.