Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Come Out, Come Out, Where Ever You Are!!

Finally, Marshall said..."By the way, you know I'm gay, right?"....Yay, I won!

Sad news though, he's decided he is going to move to Tuscon, Arizona in a few weeks so his energy and wit will soon be missed. He has become semi-famous in the office for his elaborate and beautiful origami creations. He made me a parrot and Star Wars Battlecruiser. I'm going to ask him to make me a Gay Rainbow colors circle before he says "so long...".

A new hire named Ross was ID'd today by Marshall as a slacker employee who had been fired from Cingular for misconduct. But he is "family" as well. When I first saw him this morning my Gaydar was somewhat flashing but since Marshall has confirmed it (not because he has super-human Gaydar, but because Ross worked with him at Cingular), he is now the torch-bearer...if Marshall is moving to Arizona, we have to have another fag in the office other than me!

We really need to beef up the number of people on our team....this week has been hell with the perms taking PTO since it is a short work week.

Got a replacement PS2 and have been addicted to the 2 games I got for it. The Tiger Woods game is much more challenging than the PC version, since both Ric and I have to get used to the new controller mechanisms as opposed to the 3-click mouse method we were using on the PC. For the better, I think, since this seems much more "real" and taking into account fatigue and desperation....a big factor when Ric and I used to play real golf...back in the day.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Go Speed Racer....Go!

Oh Man, I forgot how fast Broadband is!


Sorry this post is so short but I have to fire up my Warp Drive and "boldly go where no man has gone before..."

Monday, May 22, 2006

Deal Or No Deal!

What's the story with this show? It actually intrigued me the first couple of episodes, but after that it was very's mindless pablum for the masses!

Well, Mildred, the whore, got infected again apparently since she was suddenly unable to load any drivers and wouldn't allow me to restore her, so....

Formatted again!

Just running with the bare essentialls for now since I am awaiting my newly-ordered DSL kit from Bell South. Yes, after all the security issues I've had recently, my solution is to have 24/7 broadband exposure to the hackers, malfesants and thieves!

Bought a PS2 Saturday, and, it's broken. Freezes up minutes after loading a game, each and every time no matter what game. Love having to make an extra trip to the store to exchange something, yea!

The couch and chair finally came in this weekend. Gotta hand it to Ric, looks good. We are converting the "late post-collegiate frat party period" crap with the "contemporary-suburban middle-class ambiguously gay" stuff.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Snippets 2

Saw "Will & Grace" last to last episode. YAWN!

This is why I stopped watching this show:
1. The jokes...not funny. The bit about Karen's sister named "Gin"...come on...we saw every cheap one-liner comin' down the road a mile away!
2. The need for "DRAMA" like last night's "heated" exchange between Will and Grace about their "future" and their "plans for raising the baby"...too much "tension", too little "comedy"...I mean, isn't this show supposed to be a sit-com? Every one knows the age old formula:
Sit-Com + Too Much Drama = Jumped The Shark!
3. It's not funny anymore. Period.

All hail it's last (long overdue) episode next week!

Well, Marshall remarked with the new Nancy and Sean (of all people) about his catch concerning last night's W&G episode. They seem to be quite knowledgable about his "orientation". Are they making assumptions?

Marshall showed us pictures of his "brushes with greatness" yesterday afternoon. He had a small photo portfolio with pics of him posing with minor Sci-Fi actors and actresses he met while attending area Sci-Fi Conventions. The most obvious issue in the photos was the fact that in most of them...he was huge!

Marshall had already announced to all concerned that he had weighed over 400 lbs. Well these picures showed it. He has lost so much weight. Of course, I guess successful gastric bypass surgery will do that, won't it?

As we were "closing up shop" this evening, Marshall asked Jill if she knew what a fluffer was.
(How this coversation came about...I don't remember)
Jill said no.
Marshall told her and it seemed Jill, Nancy and Sean who were there were "unaware" of the term. I made my knowledge of it known. When Marshall stated to Nancy that there was even a (major release) movie called "Fluffer", she said "really?", and I stated "Yup".

Ashley Furniture is on Ric and my "Shit List". They were supposed to deliver the new couch and chair last weekend and now Ric finds out it won't be deliverable 'till next weekend! WTF! When I rented furniture from Aaron's they had it set up in my apartment the next day...with No delivery charge.

The vending machine has been restocked, but, we apparently have an office "lunch thief". My sandwich was not in the breakroom fridge when I went to get it for my lunch break. It was a little ham and mayo sandwich on white bread. How boring! Who would steal that?

I still kinda feel sorry for the blind guy's dog.

There's a blind guy on our floor in a cubicle near the break room. He's in another department, GCSS, I guess. His seeing eye dog, a beautiful golden retriever, just lies there, ever so patiently (or, brain-washed-ly), all day, only getting up when his MASTER gets up, and only thinking of the safety and protection of his MASTER.

This is why I hate the idea of pet ownership to the tee. This dog only lives for his human master. It has no seemingly obvious desire to run in the grass, frolick with other dogs, or, in a phrase, BE FREE!

I've seen shows that detail how seeing-eye dogs are raised to be subservient as little puppies and know no other existance.

Makes me sick. Who the fuck are "we" to warp the development of other species to "OUR" sanctimonious needs.

Again, as I've said many times before...Pet Ownership is SLAVERY!

How can intelligent people not "see" this!?!

How "BLIND" is that?

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Why do people walking on the sidewalk in the opposite direction you are feel compelled to nod or say hi? When you drive down the road, the people in the cars on the other side of the line don't wave at you.

And what's the deal with saying "Bless You" to someone when they sneeze? People seem to feel compelled to say this even if they don't know or even don't really like the sneezer. Do they believe like in medieval times that demons have a window of opportunity to steal your soul when you sneeze? And why say "Are you okay?" if someone is repeatedly sneezing or sneezing loudly? Are they gonna make it better? Or are they really thinking "you better stop distracting me with your disgusting bodily noises and, fo-sure, you better keep them germs to yourself you worthless sicky!"?

People tend to cling to these habits of what is called courtesy, but they do so with such rote and aloof execution to make the actions actually more of a dis-courtesy. Like in high school when you were made to stand up at the begining of the school day in homeroom class and Pledge Alligience to the Flag. Did anyone put any conviction into their voice during these oaths? No. We all sounded as muffled, mumbled, monotone and bored as possible. So isn't reciting an oath, which is supposed to "come from the heart" (the "heart" of a subtly-disguised neo-facist devotion cult to the "Fatherland", that is...oh please! You know it is!), in a manner such as school kids do, actually Anti-American?


The vending machine in the breakroom at work hasn't been restocked in a couple of weeks now so the pickins are slim. It seems that based on what is left (Milky Way, Hershey's, Butterfinger bars and granola bars, plantain chips and raisins) people tend to choose a middle of the road snack between the Too Fattening and the Too "Healthy".

Marshall still hasn't said the "G" word. But we chat about "To Wong Foo...", his cats, bitchy power-trippin' whores, and exploding vaginas. We'll be air-kissing on the cheek and calling each other "Miss Thang" before that fag SAYS outright that he is as such! I'm not gonna be the's a given fact in Gay Culture 101 that when 2 fags meet the one that is more flaming should be the one to make it clear first! Hasn't she read the handbook?

Okay, what's the deal with ""? I'm flippin' through profile and pic pages of boy after boy who all look as hot as hell, with rock-hard abs, and still have time to sit at a computer and write up an extensive self-loving homepage profile, replete with lots of personality quiz results, bio fact sheets, animated gifs, and, hundreds of "friends" who they keep in touch with by visiting each others pages and leaving a short message of "hello" called "showin' some love". Who has the time for 1064 friends? I have trouble with one!

I think it's funny that this week started off Monday with a supposed "show of force" for the "undocumented" immigrants working in this country to not show up for work. Who comes up with these stupid ideas? Inspire poverty level, paycheck-to-paycheck workers to miss a days worth of income, thus driving them deeper into poverty ('cause, baby, I been there and if you are making low wages, even one day out can fuck with your finances!) and potentially exposing them to an angry employer firing them or reporting them to the INS. The Mexican landscapers tending the lush green lawns and public areas on the road into worked seemed to be hard on the job early Monday morning.

And the work week ends tomorrow with what is essentially a middle-class American "holiday celebration" of convenience, Cinco de Mayo! At "PR's", "Chili's", and even "Fridays", you know all you'll see are a bunch of white-bred Americans whooping it up with margharitas and doing tequila shots, thinking erroneously that they are "celebrating" Mexican Independence Day! (It's actually a day commemorating the defeat of French forces occupying Mexico in the middle of the 19th century)

On that reminder, I should get ready to wind down and call it a night early so that if I do go out tomorrow night, I'll have the energy to enjoy myself and not pass out on the bar somewhere. I hate when I do that! Luckily, I don't remember any of it so I don't have to be embarrassed when I go back!