Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Drone Shot Down?

Mr. Drone Man, aka Drone Boy aka Drony Tony, my Downy-fresh neighbor may have left the hood. Since the 5th when I posted about his cacophonous non-stop washing machine abuse I haven't heard even the slightest humdrum hum.

Could he have fled to cleaner climes? Surely he thought Casselberry very, very dirty. Maybe he spent his entire paycheck each week on Tide so he had nothing for rent. Or for the no-doubt astronomical electric bill. Old washing machines are not quite Energy Star compliant you know.

Whatever the reason, it's been glorious lately.

But of course, knowing my luck, he is actually as I assumed a long-distance trucker and soon he'll be back home. And the gritty grime of the endless road, the nasty grease from all those greasy spoons and the rank noxious fumes of his ol' rig's engine will have to be washed clean from the numerous clothing items that covered his sweaty, multi-day unshowered body. Washed clean, I tell you! Clean like Momma used to make 'em. All of them, dammit!

Drone, drone, drone , drone, drone...

Monday, March 07, 2016

For Auld Lang Syne

Oh, and last night was notable for another of my favorite TV shows. It was the final episode of Downton Abbey (US viewing schedule).

I took on overtime hours last night so I decided that I'd wake up a bit early before going into work in order to catch the show on WUCF's live broadcast on the big TV. (I mentioned I have a big 50 inch LCD TV in the living room now, right?) Much nicer than streaming it through the PBS website a day or so later on my smaller computer monitor.

The episode nicely tied up almost all the loose ends and implied a happily ever after existence for everybody in their fictional world as the year 1926 dawned for them. A far cry from the early seasons where tragedy lurked around every corner. I guess as the characters became more beloved over time it became harder for the writers to bump them off for dramatic effect. Can you imagine the outcry if old Lady Grantham were to just suddenly keel over as she was bantering with Mrs. Crowley or giving a stern eye to her conniving lady's maid Denker?

The season's only real shocker was Robert's bloody projectile vomiting scene where even the future Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin gets a bit of crimson puke on his white tie and tails. Maybe this is why he years later appeased Hitler? He'd seen enough bloodshed at that one frightful dinner party.

So although the season and the finale were quite tame and gentle, it seemed a fitting end nevertheless. The show was about the last years of a now almost forgotten past. Under new taxation regulations and a general rethinking of the role of landed gentry altogether, the sun was certainly setting for the British version of the ancien regime.  And then after the Second World War, the social order would change completely but we see in this series that the writing was on the wall regardless.

Will Claire Talk To Us Too?

The very last beat of the very last episode of the recently-made-available Season 4 of House of Cards shows Claire looking right at us as Frank tells us their upcoming Machiavellian plans as they prepare for the "total annihilation" of their enemies. How devilishly delicious. So does this mean Claire will also engage us in future episodes? I'm not sure the interaction Frank has had throughout the series qualifies as "fourth wall breaking" since it's not the actor Kevin Spacey addressing us as he looks directly into the camera in the midst of a scene; he stays in character and it's Frank who matter-of-factly confides in us as if we are his delusion of a trusted invisible accomplice. Yet other characters in view don't react to this...until Claire unmistakably did at the above mentioned end of the season finale.

I have a feeling they won't have both of them doing this gimmick since it'd be, in my opinion, a bit too much. But it was nice to have at least a glance right at us, in that pivotal last shot that I think is an ominous precursor to what likely will be the most explosive season yet: next year's Season 5.

The storm clouds are really rolling in now for Frank. Nothing new, of course, and he's whooshed them away in the nick of time before. But the issues boiling over are old ones. And arguably the most volatile ones.

Thank you Netflix for this incredible series.

And Claire, if we're your new invisible friend from now on, can we ask the indelicate but burning question? When you and Frank win the election, how long will you wait before you kill him off and become the President yourself? Oh c'mon, you know that's where it's all headed.

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Mister Drone Man

...Send me no dream,
Because I can't sleep
While your clothes get clean.

Hrummmmm, Hrummmmm, Hrummmmm.

I love my apartment, but the guy next door is making it a living hell.

I mentioned the problem in the last post. My neighbor on the other side of my bedroom wall who is a fucking clean freak about his clothes. And since his washing machine is undoubtedly on its last leg, all I hear is drone, drone drone of his fucking washing machine motor through my walls.

This, perhaps, isn't as bad as the steak mutilators, the 'gina washers or the fryolator fuckheads back at Bellagio but it's more tragic in that it's regarding an apartment I truly love.

What ever will I do?