Thursday, April 20, 2017

Happy Anniversary?

Well, I think many people would think it weird that somebody would "celebrate" flinging a crystal goblet at their roommate's door, but I guess I do. Not the specific action, but I think back with awe and envy at how that action was the spark that got the engine started down the road to redemption with a huge rev.

Hitting Bottom is what the AAer's would call it. The point where I could continue no more since I wasn't able to fathom going further down into the abyss.

Of course, as we know, the redemption was, when looked at through 25-years-older glasses, rather temporary; that's true. Only four solid years (if you look the other way for a couple minor transgressions). But they were a good four years.

I never emblazoned the date of the Smashing Glass Incident into my memory, despite its importance, but I recently tried to work it out with what I remembered of my usual schedule back then on a calendar from that year. I figure it was around the third week in April 1992 so I'm picking the 20th. And that makes today the 25th anniversary of that date.

So I raise my (oddly enough) glass goblet of Diet Coke (that's right, we're gonna try this yet again) and salute my fridge pic of 28-year-old me.

I'll forgo the drama of throwing it though.

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