Wednesday, June 24, 2015

SIMS CREATION: Movie Memories Series "Psycho"

Ah yes, yet another Sims post. As you can see, I'm really having fun with the Sims 4. The graphics are richer and more refined, the lighting is overall more realistic and items seem to fit better in relation to the scale of things around them better than Sims 3.

Oh but I do miss the variety of objects and features that were installed with Sims 3 and the multiple DLCs and Expansions I had on it. This, so far, is just the vanilla Sims 4. Not even the Digital Deluxe version.

Ah well, the gameplay does seems more interesting and natural, thus the long play with my Brisbane family as you can tell from the multiple posts about them. I don't think I went more than a second generation of playtime with a single family in any other Sims game before.

Here's a new series of creations for the new version. Although, honestly, since I created these characters and the backdrop on my laptop, the graphics are shit compared to the high resolution I get at home on the desktop PC.

As you can see, Mr. Alfred Hitchcock himself is photobombing the lovely Janet Leigh playing hapless victim Marion Crane and the troubled young man Norman Bates played by Anthony Perkins posing in front of the Bates family home.

Oh, oh, Norman's plumb bob is turning yellow! (Oh, notice "Mother" up in her bedroom window, BTW!)

Monday, June 22, 2015

SIMS CREATION: The Brisbane Family Saga, Part Six

Rodney Brisbane is dead.

Oh it wasn't right away, but it was only about a day after his expiry date so far shorter time of "waiting for the scythe" like his father Don had. Rodney lasted about as long as his other dad Newton. Well, to be honest, Rodney, like Newton, never worked out and worked incessantly trying to get ahead. In the end, what was it worth? A shorter time alive and no time to retire. He just took a chunk of vacation time towards the end. The family got left with only just over a thousand simoleans too, since Rodney made it a goal of his to complete the furnishings and landscaping of the house.

So since our last chapter, he had enjoyed a couple more promotions and was getting royalties on a few mobile apps as well as one full video game (Sim Mars). Rodney also got to see Colin grow from a child to a teen and his daughter became a young adult, while Wendon was struggling to maintain a B average in high school but was turning out better and better paintings, getting almost double the cost on sales to collectors.

The family learned that Melina died just after Katherine's graduation. Sadly, she had been committed to an institution in her later years so the family only heard word of her death after the asylum buried her in an unmarked grave.

Katherine had gotten acceptance in the astronaut training program but struggled in her early years. Just before her father's passing, she started in a new role at the space center but she was still only pulling home less than 500 simoleans a day. And now she'd the breadwinner of the family with bills to pay. And still no love interest in sight. She doesn't seem to have much time for things like that these days.

Wendon has been seeing someone from the new neighborhood of Newcastle. He's keeping the details on the DL.

Colin. Well, he's still Colin, rambunctious as always. And he's the spittin' image of his father when he was that age...remember?

R.I.P. Rodney Brisbane

So long Rodney, you can rest in peace. You left a good family.

Though there are certain questions about the night the grim reaper visited...

Why were you in Katherine's bedroom in the middle of the night?

Where was Katherine? We see Wen and Colin crying over your corpse, but no Kate?

Here's a pic of Kate the next morning. She doesn't look too concerned yet here in the next pic, Wen and Colin are visibly distraught.

Katherine, will you even visit your father's urn enshrined in the new memory pavilion out back?

What traits did you inherit from your mother, Kate?

Monday, June 15, 2015

SIMS CREATION: The Brisbane Family Saga, Part Five

Just as Rodney walked into the police station front door, he heard his boss shouting his name.

"Brisbane! Are you sleeping on company time?" shrieked his high-strung boss Harold. "I know you probably aren't getting much sleep what with a newborn and all, but I really can't have my workers falling asleep at their workstations. Code needs to be written, man!" Harold gave a sly little look around to see if anyone was watching, sided up to Rodney, smiled a devilish smirk and produced a small brown glass bottle with what appeared to be white powder in it. "Here, take a hit. How do ya think I get through the fuckin' long ass days?"

Rodney declined the offer and got right back to work. "Whew! It was just a dream." Rodney realized. The whole scene of him going home early and witnessing his wife and brother-in-law conspire to kill little Kate and him was just a freakin' bad dream.

So, in fact, things did go well for Rodney in the coming years. Katherine was a beautiful and gifted child prodigy and excelled at math and science especially. She played for hours on end with the home chemistry set Rodney and Melina and luckily didn't blow the house up with one of her formulas.

And it wasn't long before Katherine had a new baby brother. When he was born, Rodney and Melina decided to name him after Rodney's dearly departed dads. They chose the name Wendon which was the first three letters of Rodney's dad Newton, spelled backwards as WEN and combined that with DON, Rodney's other father. The one Melina remembers the most since he lived a few years longer than Newton. And because she and her brother killed him. No!! That was just that bad dream!!

Wendon wasn't even two when he started to draw and soon the walls were filled with such colorful artworks. Here in Wen would be the family's next great artist.

And champion pizza eater, too!

Now with two kids and with both parents working, it was tough to get things done but they did manage to get in one family portrait. Melina just wouldn't smile that day, she'd had it rough at work.

Just as for the kids homework was priority, for the adults getting promoted was their priority in the workplace. Melina found it especially difficult as she had chosen the criminal's path and she'll likely (one would hope) be the last Brisbane to follow down this road because it really does lead to nowhere. Low wages, constant risky decisions with no logical payoff and a slow climb up the crook's ladder. Plus, it's almost always late night hours. Bad for a mother of three. Three!? Wha? That's right, before long our feisty couple was trying for a trifecta and came up a winner just before Katherine was to enter her teen years.

Colin was such a quiet baby it was a total surprise that he became such a rambunctious and active kid. He was a terrific compliment to his brainy and aloof sister and his creative and dreamer brother. Colin was a ball of energy and could run circles around the others. He too had a flair for fashion and flamboyantly colored clothes. Don't pop those Homocils yet though, One never knows.

There were some sadder years to come though. A tragic house fire that nearly consumed half the kitchen. Difficulty with school once Katherine and then Wendon entered high school. They being gifted children were teased as being odd by the other kids and their emotions and studies suffered for it. Then there was the divorce.

Yes, around the time Wendon was born Rod and Mel were starting to fall out of love with one another. The stresses of work tore at both of them. Money was always coming up short. The bills would be in the mailbox and it was a constant struggle to pay them before the utilities would be cut. Mel's mental illness was worsening too. Oh yes, she was crazy. And, she had a life-long trait of hating children. Great wife and mother material, huh? Colin came about merely by accident after a night of make-up WooHoo following one of their epic fights. So soon after Wendon became a teen, Rodney asked Melina for a divorce. Melina went back to live in Oasis Springs with her never-married brother Mathias.

So now our saga brings us to today. A sunny day and perfect for our new Brisbane family portrait. Weldon looking like a big version of Mr. Roarke's Tatoo to the left and Katherine, sneering like her mother (oh, let's hope she's not crazy like she was) to the right with gracefully graying Rodney in the middle all up staged by the little tyke Colin.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I'm Back

And posting from my old Wednesday morning spot at the main desk with Mookie giggling away at something on one of her two laptops (I told you she was an uber-geek...many nights she's running two laps AND a tablet) as she sits at the other (formerly Shirley's) desk.

It actually felt weird at first. It took me WAY too long for me to do the overnite duty paperwork since I hadn't done it in two months. Two months. Man, it really felt like I'd been away for two years!

And even though I prepared for the circadian shift by sleeping extra hours Tuesday (pretty much the whole day) I'm finding these last hours before sunrise, traditionally the roughest for those un-used to the overnight shift, kind of challenging. Been yawning a bit, gotta be honest. I'll be alright in a day (er, I mean night) or two though.

The new duties do take a chunk out of my planned downtime too. But I figured as much in the beginning since I have so much of the foundation of the new stuff undone. Like those one-sheet inventory pages. What? Yes, yes, I know this makes no sense to you, I'm merely writing it to me, Though I expect in a few years I won't know what the fuck I was talking about either.

But oh the downtime I'm still left with despite. It's like heaven. Why did I ever want to leave this? I've read several of those time-wasting "15 great towns to visit for a day" and "20 things about your body you won't believe" kinda sites. Click mills or some such phrase? Fucking time killers, that's all they are. And the shit is usually so lame it makes you regret you ever were sucked in by their obviously scammy headlines like "25 pictures people took just before they died" shit. It was just photos of people doing crazy shit, not necessarily (and probably not at all) just before they died.

Played numerous games of Triviador. I freakin' love this competitive head-to-head trivia/strategy game. Gotta turn Ric onto it. He'd love it I'm sure.

Oh, and I caught up on Game of Thrones. I think we all could have seen this coming...Daenerys riding on a dragon. I would have thought a smidge Avatar rip-off but then I guess this was all written some two decades ago, way before Avatar. Plus they weren't dragons in Avatar.

Hmmm. 5:40. Still got 20 minutes or so before Synthroids. And since I did the "holes" report already and the shift report is pretty much done, we'll just be waiting around for the morning shift (my former friendly band of backstabbing, selfish, egotistic "co-workers").

Oh no bitterness here though. I'm insulated and immune to all that drama now. They can run around and squawk all day and go to their high school/prison chow lunches smelling the still lingering odors of what that employee breakroom over there once was a few years back. We know. They can play their games.

I'll in the meantime go on playing mine here on the Dark Side.

Monday, June 08, 2015

SIMS CREATION: The Brisbane Family Saga, Part Four

Rodney spent virtually everything he had, over fifty thousand simoleans to build the home of his dreams. Two floors, three bedrooms, four baths, a large eat-in kitchen with counter seating and open plan dining room, an enormous formal parlor and living room area and his own man cave/office. It even had a music nook with a baby grand piano.

Almost to the day he finished his dream house, he got a call from a girl he'd met some time back, Melina Hawthorn. She wanted to go on a date with Rodney. They met up at Magnolia Park and immediately rekindled their budding romance. Rodney thought it was a bit odd Melina wore a party dress with an old brown bowler hat but thought it was just a quirk of hers. 

Before you know it they were dating regularly when Melina showed up for their third date, she looked a bit large in the tummy. She was pregnant. Rodney did the right thing and proposed and although he had almost no money, he spent his last few simoleans on their simple home wedding. It was beautiful none the less and everyone there had a great time. But what a mess they left. The caterer put half-made meals on every tabletop surface in the house! All at Rodney's expense.

As if timed for the worst possible impact, the mailman arrived with bills in excess of 1,800 bucks! Rodney had no choice but to sell a few of his things to avoid his power being cut off.

So with a mere hundred or so simoleans to his name, Melina and Rodney were soon off to the hospital. There Natalie gave birth to a beautiful little girl they named Katherine. What a bundle of joy.

But the next day, Rodney came back from work early to help Melina with caring for the baby. Instead of being with Katherine, Melina ignored the child and let her cry in her crib in that dark room upstairs while she and her brother were having lunch in the kitchen. After tending to his screaming baby girl, Rodney stormed downstairs to confront Melina on her negligence when he overheard Melina and her brother talking about Don.

"Finally that brat shut the fuck up." Melina exclaimed. Mathias joked "Maybe the little fucker's dead?" "Well that'd be fine by me," proclaimed Melina. "As it is I gotta find a way to get rid of it and Rodney." Natalie looked at her brother scornfully "If you hadn't of let that old fag father of his die, we would have had time to get a ransom outta Rodney and I wouldn't have had to get knocked up and marry the asshole!"

Rodney couldn't believe his ears. Shocked, he stumbled back and hit the edge of the piano. Hearing the noise, Melina and Mathias discovered Rodney. Just as they were about to lunge for him, Rodney, holding his baby girl, ran out of the house and to the police station.

SIMS CREATION: The Brisbane Family Saga, Part Three

Life went on for Don and his son after Newton's death of course but it was a rough adjustment. Don was now a single parent and approaching his final days yet his son Rodney was still only a teenager. Luckily Don was in excellent health and got through the rough times of mourning the loss of his one true love, Newton.

And he lived on to see his son grow into a young man...

...and fall in love.


And again.

Rodney, having graduated an A student with honors, was able to land a good paying job in the tech field as a Code Monkey entry-level programmer and was soon promoted to senior programmer. And the years went by. Don was showing no signs of dying though he was now well past his expiration date. Then, one night Rodney came home to find the house empty. By the next day when Don had still not shown up, Rodney got really worried. He did everything he could to find Don. Don had been kidnapped by an unknown person and locked in a dark room alone for weeks. Eventually Don, unable to escape his captors, died in that little room, covered in his own filth. 

Now Rodney was alone.

Seeing no reason to continue on in the tiny little house the Brisbane's had called their home, Rodney sold it along with most of the furnishings. Combined with the inheritance from his two dads lifetime savings, he bought a lot on the ritzier Northside of town and built himself a beautiful new home.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

SIMS CREATION: The Brisbane Family Saga, Part Two

When last we left off there were questions of whether this happy family would endure. The worries were all for naught since the love Newton and Don had for one another and their adopted child Rodney only grew stronger as the years rolled by.

Newton wrote more, enjoying well over a thousand simoleans daily in royalties. His screenplays were especially good and some even became bestsellers. His "Twilight Boulevard" trilogy brought in several hundreds per day just on their own. Oh, and his paintings were nothing to shake a stick at with several masterpieces sold to art galleries. He reserved some very special paintings to be hung around the house. One depicting a poignant from-behind guitar strumming Don from their younger years. Another pair were of the pet Eggplant Frog and Toy Robot Rodney loved so much as a young boy.

Speaking of Rodney, he grew into a fine teen and studied hard to bring his C grades up to B. He's sure to achieve A grade status any day now. He has his young man's crush on fellow classmate Callie whom he actually met at the park. Unfortunately, just as they were getting to know one another and Rodney was beginning his flirtation with her, an elder neighborhood lady just collapsed and the Grim Reaper struck her down. Needless to say this put a damper on this first "date" and only further deepened Callie's already gloomy disposition.

Don was continually struggling to make gains in his entertainer career and had to fend off heckler and rowdy audiences almost every night. Newton asked him to find another job seeing as Don came home at such late night hours and was in such a stressed out state of mind. Don then transitioned into the culinary field but even though he'd learned many skills in the kitchen from the very talented Newton, he was wasting his time stuck in a low-paying dishwasher job. After just a few nights Don decided to retire since now he and Newton were elders and he wanted to enjoy his sunset years with his family. Don never was cut out to be the breadwinner in the family. In fact, he too wrote a self-published children's book and was receiving daily royalties but it was only $4.

Don and Newton got to have one last golden date together and they chose the venue where they went on their first date together so many years ago...the museum. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Here you see they all got dressed up one weekend afternoon to take a family portrait. What a happy family.

Unfortunately though, the circle of life must come 'round and for Newton just this morning, it indeed has. While Don was swimming laps in the pool and Rodney had been enjoying time with Callie in the living room, Newton was working a few more strokes on his impressionist painting before planning to break for a family dinner, when he clutched his chest and fell to the floor. It happened that suddenly. The Grim Reaper swung his scythe and the family lost their patriarch. The loving husband and father, gifted artist and renowned author Newton Brisbane was dead.

Friday, June 05, 2015

His Day Off Was Thirty Years Ago Today

Back To Pumpkin And MIce

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The clock has struck three.
And now I am free!
No carriage, no footmen, no glistening glass slipper
Just an old pumpkin and mice...and I couldn't be more chipper.

My fairy-tale (or horror story depending how you look at it) experience as the Med Manager has come to an end. The tiara has been passed.

My replacement is competent enough, albeit some of the concerns I mentioned before. But she's bright and can be focused when she wants to be. I just hope she isn't bogged down in the swamp of the Center's quasi-toxic atmosphere. And her revelation to me today probably will throw another monkey wrench into the mix...she found out just this morning that she's pregnant. She's, rightly so, all concerned about how this impacts her position. All I know is I made sure she didn't make any rash decisions today. I need to get back on my nights where I can squat stubbornly if she and her boyfriend decide to nix her new job in favor of the new baby plans.

I hope all works out though. I mean she does have months to decide on the future regarding maternity leave and her role at the Center, if any, after the child is born. She says her boyfriend is a cook at a nice restaurant and "makes good money" but cooks generally work nights and who will care for the newborn? Suzy strikes me as a bit traditional in that sense so I don't know if she'll keep the job then. I selfishly want her to stay since I won't have to reject pleas from management to return to the position if it suddenly becomes vacant again and, whats more, I like her. I think I feel closer to her than most everyone else that works there and I've been working with many of them for years.

But I can't plan on any of that 'cause it's outta my control. I can only focus on my future back on the overnights. My lovely, calm, stress-free, nearly-solitary future.

No Prince Charming but shit, I wasn't gonna find him during days either.