Thursday, February 27, 2014

Farewell And Adieu Ye Fair Spanish Ladies

So I read on Huffington Post that Michelle Obama has had her fair share of criticism about her fashion choice of sporting what they called "boy brows" eyebrows appearing thicker and bushier than those usually associated as feminine. This got me looking at many present and older photos of her and I thought..."Is she actually a man?" After googling this I found out I wasn't the only one who thought so. Unfortunately it's usually people who also believe Obama is the Anti-Christ and it's all another sign of The End Times. Oh brother. (Well nevertheless she does make for a convincing drag queen look...gotta call them like I see them...just sayin')

Last night, my usually quiet and mostly unheard upstairs neighbor seems to have had a guest over from the sounds of the footsteps above. And it sounds eerily like HER! The previous tenant who left months ago. Could it be? Will I have to hear her obnoxious goose-stepping bangs above me now? Will her young baby girls be visiting too? Will it be the return of 'GINA WASHING TIME?

My co-worker Kym who I'd assumed disliked me since she was so reticent to speak to me since her start at the Center has begun to open up a bit more especially after I recently revealed my geek status. Turns out she too is a geek. Though she's of the other faction...Where I love "Star Trek," she loves "Star Wars"...My affinity for the "Alien" universe holds no torch, in her eyes, to her allegiance to the "Predator" series of films. I say "Fallout," she says "Elder Scrolls." Well, at least we have Bethesda.

I recently shared a pic on my Facebook page of an image of a Facebook "like" icon turned into a dual like and dislike/thumbs up and thumbs down icon with the caption "I (this icon) Schrodinger" Get it? I added the comment "The meows have it." Aren't I the intellectual witty kitty?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Downton

Wow! The way I tabulate it, now that Season 4 is in the can, as it were, it seems like there's only been one death this whole season on Downton Abbey. How unusual. And the character that died (off screen) was the lecherous visiting valet who violently raped Anna that night of the operatic performance, so it wasn't entirely unwelcome or really unexpected. We knew Bates would "get 'im and get 'im good." Yay! Rooting for a murderer.

Ah well, such is Downton. It appears that every wrong deed goes unpunished. Right from the get go, the show's been most devilishly immoral. All sorts of dirty doings go either unnoticed or efficiently covered up. Others are just simply forgiven and nonchalantly nodded off in the same manner as one would forgive a footman serving from the right.

We start right away, back in Season One with the scandalous affair between the dashing and young Duke of Crowborough and Thomas, a lowly footman. Thomas finds out that his diddling with the Duke's diddle isn't going to gain him a better position in his employ (and perhaps in bed too...we know Thomas is likely treated as a bottom bitch but he's born to be a trash-talkin', ass-slappin' top) so he decides he'll blackmail the Duke with a stashed away trove of no-doubt salacious letters. Of course the Duke, Oxford-educated and no dummy, finds a way to sneak into Thomas' room and steal away the evidence. (BTW, keep this plot devise in'll come up again in the finale of Season 4)

Other than having his nefarious plot foiled, Thomas suffers no other retribution. Really? In reality, in those days, the Duke would have seen Thomas for who he was, a ruthless coward who'd stop at nothing to get his leg up in what he probably perceived to be an unjust and immoral world.

This is not someone to simply let go. The Duke would have had some trumped up charge pinned on Thomas to get him out of the reach of "society" even if Thomas only connection only it was as a servant. Any position in any gossip-mongering Stately Home of England would have been too close for comfort.

I guess though, if we're talking reality, it's just as unrealistic to believe that a titled man, let alone one so high up as a duke would get messed up in a romantic relationship with a or woman, gay or straight. That's what out-of-the-way whorehouses (straight or gay) were for.

In the next episode, Carson, the seemingly beyond-reproach stoic and staunchly-conservative butler is found out to have had a past career that was, in those days, considered unworthy and low for a man in home service...he was an entertainer. When Lord Grantham finds out he takes a modern approach to the news..."like whateves, dude."

Um no. The character of Robert Crawley (Lord Grantham) was already fleshed out to be somewhat conservative himself. Slightly forward thinking socially, perhaps, but still a stickler for tradition and honor. To find out that Carson was employed under what technically would have been a misleading or out-right false curriculum verite as it certainly hadn't informed the Lord of any theatrical or performance work, would have been unforgivable. He would have been sacked on the spot.

Then there's the Mr. Pamuk debacle. Oh brother! Dude croaks naked in unmarried and "chaste" Lady Mary's bed, has to be carted out and dragged across the house to his room in another wing, at least three servants are in the know right away and as the season drags on nearly everyone in the house knows except Papa, of course.  And it NEVER GETS OUT beyond that! C'mon!

Thomas, again up to no good, steals wine from the wine cellar and then tries to frame Bates as a snuffbox thief. (Remember this servant/trinket burglar theme as it comes up again in Season 4, ugh.) Is Thomas sacked? Is there anything of it other than the nasty scowls Bates throws at Thomas for the rest of the season?

Oh, O'Brien. Conniving and paranoid O'Brien. With that wet chunky bar of whatever the British equivalent of Ivory Soap was, what a mighty weapon you doth wield. And to the wee lit'le boy (ie. would-have-been-heir) embryo in Cora's womb...Oopsie Daisy, and farewell.

The seasons go on, Bates becomes more criminal-ish, Thomas and O'Brien more devious and plotting with Thomas being doubly snippy now with O'Brien gone. Even the Lord himself succumbed to the house's Air of Gomorrah and bedded a scullery maid for a night. Poor, simple-minded Cora. Oh, and the cast thins out more and more as character after character are killed off. The Great War, The Spanish Flu. Oh, and baby birthing, whether you're the mother or the father it seems, is just too tempting an invitation to the grim reaper.

Does all this nefariousness make Downton any less enjoyable? Oh no, of course not. Not on your life. In fact, at Downton Abbey, it's just too damned good to be bad.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

In The Sanity-Free Zone

Despite the title, things aren't quite as bad as they were when I posted this back in 2005 but it's getting there. Well maybe not the quitting my job part but close.

Of course there's the weight, I mean weight gain. A line graph from last April to now is in the shape of a big depressing bowl. I'm up to 283 now. And all the bad habits are back. This drives me crazy.

Ric and I talk occasionally about doing something other than playing multiplayer Civ over the internet. My new phone plan and its unlimited texting has made us much more chatty with one another. But there's always some disconnect when we try to actually plan something like golf or going to the park. With his days off on the traditional weekend and him living the traditional day dweller life (despite his forays of playing Civ on the weekends sometimes to 5am) and the fact he lives 30 miles away, it seems a daunting task to actually do something like most friends do. This drives me crazy.

Watching Will and RJ and the others in the YouTube fabulous fag crowd makes so craving life in Hollywood. I want to live there so bad. But I'm not an early-twenties-ish hipster with a ton of friends, cute, skinny and gay (well the gay part, yes, but nothing else). I can't live off making YouTube vlogs like they can. And any actual work I am qualified to do wouldn't earn me the coin needed to live the LA lifestyle properly. This drives me crazy.

And speaking of coin, this job was supposed to give me my annual raise well over a month ago now and I still haven't gotten it. Ugh. My new direct supervisor is a bit wet behind the ears when it comes to managing staff but in a way it doesn't matter 'cause she's just a puppet anyway. It better include retroactive back pay when it does eventually start. And we won't even talk about if they, for some bullshit reason, decide to not give me my raise! (# entitled much?) This drives me crazy.

I got new glasses last week. Progressives. Marc Ecko. Hella expensive. Crappy insurance didn't cover any of the cost of the glasses. This drives me...

Well, you know.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Another Hollywood OD

I was reading some fluff article on some pop culture e-zine just a few minutes ago and right under a sidebar headline about the latest bad boy antics of Justin Beiber I saw "Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead at 46." I purse up my face and squawk incredulously out-loud, "Whaaat? Surely this is some hoax!" But clicking on the article and jumping around to other more credible sites revealed it to be true. Another rising star celebrity dead of an apparent drug overdose.

In a quick Google search I bring up an article from last May in which the author discusses a recent admission into rehab for PSH to deal with a heroin addiction. Apparently he was suffering from addiction for several decades and had a 20 year sobriety track which had just been broken by a relapse sometime in 2012, according to this report.

I'm not a fan of celebrity news sites so I really am not "up" on the back stories of the rich and famous. Perhaps to some fans of his, this comes as less of a total shock and more of a Planet of the Apes Statue of Liberty on the beach scene..."he really did it, he finally did it!"

I'm reminded of course of the other celebs who apparently died from overdoses in recent times...Cory Monteith and Heath Ledger were also shocks to me anyway since they seemed so young, clean-cut and upwardly mobile. I mean, to hear a has-been or impatient and struggling wanna-be bit it by overdoing it isn't the most unheard of thing. Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Judy Garland and Elvis are examples of the former while Brad Renfro, River Phoenix and Anna Nicole-Smith come to mind as arguably examples of the latter. And then there's just the Party People who frankly one could pre-write their obit and just leave the date of death blank until the inevitable happens...Amy Winehouse, Chris Farley, John Belushi and Lindsay Lohan. What? Oh, Lindsay's still alive? Well, for now...

So sad. Money, fame and beauty for so many of these cases. Addiction is such a bitch.