Monday, March 26, 2007

I've Become "Fat Bastard"!

Oh, lately, it has been quite an ordeal trying to avoid the onward escalation of my weight. At times, I feel I'm heading towards the eventual day when I will begin to have things orbiting me as their planetary mass.

I'm probably about 320 now...I don't know for sure since my bathroom scale gave up trying a few months ago and will only display "Err" in it's calculator-esque LED font. (I "Err" short for "Error" or is it the scale growling in agony having a big fat man squishing it?)

Ric foretold it and I have to say the weight gain dramatically increased once I stopped walking and started driving to work every day.

Now it's like I am pregnant with quintuplets that just won't leave my Man Womb!

Charlotte moved out today. She's selling her unit (the one just below us). Aw, gee, no more yippy-yappy barking from Porkchop, her obnoxious chihuahua.

Still more folk coming on board as temps at work...but layoffs of perms in sales due to fiscal belt-tightening. Oh, but I see a day soon when the 25 or so reps in our department can easily be drawn back to about 12...and that day will come soon. But man, I'll tell ya, if they give us the severance package they gave sales reps (according to my keen eavesdropping ears), it would be very sweet! Laid off sales reps got a YEAR of severance pay, in one check!

Now darlin', you know I'd be taking quite a few months (i.e. MANY) to find another job...and lovin' the "stress-relieving" excursions to New Orleans, Vegas, Mexico, etc. in between interviews!

The car is running well though it seems the cooling system may be running a bit hot since the gauge seems to go to halfway even after just a short 15 minute drive. And, it's not even hot weather yet...can you imagine in August? I'll probably bring it in to Meineke or something to have them look at it. Fuck me if this car is going to be another 1985 Cavalier fiasco!

I kinda thought that after 5 years of not being able to drive that my life would have dramatically changed once I got the ability to drive back. Well, it is more convenient and care-free, but the things I do on a weekly basis...go to work, go shopping, go home...stay home on the boring life is still the same.

Ric's brother, sister-in-law and their 3 kids are coming to visit this upcoming weekend.

Oh yeah!

7 people in a ~1000 square foot condo! Oh Joy!

Apparently, they are pretty Duck McScrooge and even though they could afford hotel rooms, they gladly take up Ric on his offer of accommodation!

Well, enough for now. Like "Fat Bastard", I need to find sumtin' to get put "In My Belly!!"