Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Gods Smile Upon Me

It's kinda scary but so many things are going right lately!

1. Several weeks ago, Shari, the rough-voiced and pushy rep in the cube next to Drew...who came to our department along with Drew from Sales (probably 'cause they couldn't hack it)...decided that the "green acres" of Iowa was "the place for her" (and her hubby), so she quit and moved out there. That left her enviable window cubicle available. So I asked Jill if I could have it. And she gave it to me. There is probably some ill feeling among some people in the office about that cause Nina, who started as a temp from Spherion on the same day as me was actually in that cube when we moved over from the 801 building. She was displaced by Shari in May or whatever when Shari came over with the Drewster. The cube is great BTW, I have a bucolic view of International Parkway and the Chase Building across the street with so many Cypress pines and Palmetto trees, and a glimpse of a pretty pond. Ahhh!

2. The queues have been diminishing (ever so slightly) so I have been given more "project time" by Jill. I pretty much take care of the whole final resolution for the hundreds of Sym-Unmatched cases. Easy computer-only time. No crankiness zone.

3. I came home the other night and Ric was all smiles. The vacant restaurant building across the street from our house and easily visible from my bedroom window was bought and is under renovation for the coming business. Ric asked me if I could guess, of all the places Ric has frequented over the past few years, what would be a total fantasy come true for him if "it" were to open next door. Without hesitation, I knew he was talking about Jax Fifth Avenue. And, sure enough...dream-come-true, Jax is opening up right next door. Jax is a deli/bar, but mostly bar. They have a decidedly "yuppie" attitude, but not stuffy. Most of all, they feature a bar that boasts hundreds of varieties of beer from all over the world. Over 50 of them on tap! Oh, the drunken nights ahead!

4. Finally, last, but certainly not least...

Today, February 15, 2007.

A date which will live in infamy!

At 11:15 am, I received a little plastic card (which cost a mere $230), with a horrible picture of me...but, nevertheless, it is a Florida Driver's License!!!!

By 2:30 pm, I was driving home from the Saturn of Orlando dealership in my 1999 Buick Century Custom.

Ric had already left for work before he had a chance to see it, but he'll see it parked in spot #18 tonight when he bikes home. I may have some champagne available for him to celebrate with me.

So, baby, cue the music by Aerosmith: "I'm Back in the Saddle Again!"